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Fall in Love with the most Sensual Dance on Earth! Foundations Steps, Figures, and Connections in Kizomba!

✓  For the Absolute Beginner
✓  Progressive Course to Intermediate Level
✓  No Partner Required
✓  Snacks and Drinks Included

On the Day of the Bootcamp...

Check-In Time: Arrive 10 to 15 min before class. Do not be late!
Course Duration: 3 hours. Every minute counts, we start on time!
Break Time: 10 minutes. Snacks and drinks served to students.

Registration: Save $10 when you buy before March 31st!

Click on "Buy Now" based if you are single or a couple. 
All major credit cards are accepted. No Paypal account needed. Learn more here.

Call us or Text "#KizombaDEL" or "KizombaPHL" with your Name and Email to 832-413-2623. Have your credit card ready. Confirmations will be sent via text.

Last Day/Time to Register:
The day before the Bootcamp by midnight.
You can call the day of the Bootcamp to see if there are any spots available.

Other Important Notes!

Please No Walk-ins: 
We only have limited spots available. We keep an even class between guys and ladies. 
All students must pre-pay prior attending the bootcamp to ensure an even class and the right amount of snacks / drinks. We do not hold unpaid spots. No exceptions.

Door Price: 
If you still want to do the Kizomba Bootcamp as a Walk-in, it is $50/p (both classes) or $30/p (one class) at the door the day of the Bootcamp - if spots are left. If the class is not even, we may not accept your registration until next time the bootcamp is offered. No exceptions.

Sold Out? Join our Wait List:
In the event that all Guy and Ladies spots are gone, please text #KizombaWaitList to 832-413-2623 with name and email.

Location and Map

It's More Fun With Friends. The More the Merrier!

Learning to dance Kizomba in Houston, TX and/or Pearland, TX is not a scary experience. It is actually a lot of fun! We are not there to make you feel silly for not getting it right the first time. We know that everything takes a little time, and also a little laughter to get it just right. If you have signed up, invite your friends to join. They will be glad you did! 

Kizomba Bootcamp for Two Left Feet in USA. We travel to your city to teach you how to Kizomba Learn to dance Kizomba 832-41-DANCE 
Popular Questions asked by new students

What is a couple?

Our definition of a couple is not restricted to just significant others. So it means if you and your friend or family member want to attend, please register as a couple. It just needs to be a male/female combination. When you register, please include the name of your partner or friend. 

Why do I need to Pre-register?

No walk-ins please. You need to pre-register to help us get a good head count to buy the proper amount of snacks, drinks, to have the right size facility available, and to keep an even men to ladies ratio. No partner necessary (but encouraged). We normally get a 50/50 Male to Female ratio at most of our Bootcamps - So ladies... if you are worried there won't be any men... RELAX! :) PrePayment online or by phone with Credit Card is recommended. All transactions are 100% secure and conducted by PayPal.

If I signed up by myself, with whom will I dance?

No partner is required for any of our dance bootcamps. We ask everyone to pre-register so we can even out the class as the days get closer. If we have more ladies, we will look for more guys or viceversa. We usually get 50/50 gender ratio, so do not worry, you will dance with different people. We create a large circle and you start with one partner and then move on to the next and so on. You will make friends fast!

I can't make it this time around, will you offer this Bootcamp again?

Possibly in the future. We visit different cities around the US and the world to introduce Kizomba dance and music to different groups of students. We may return to your city in the near future if interest continues to grow.

If I paid for the bootcamp and I can't attend because something came up, what happens to my payment?

We only allow 48 hours prior the bootcamp to process a refund in the event that you can not make it. That will give us enough time to find another person to fill the spot. If you simply do not show, your money will be invested in studio rental and food purchases. All sales are final. You may transfer your ticket to another party, just let us know 832-413-2623

What do I wear?

Men: casual/dressy clothes and dress shoes recommended. No shorts. No wifebeaters.
Ladies: casual/dressy clothes and low heel / flat shoes recommended
Note that Sandals and rubber sole shoes are not recommended.

Do I need to know any dancing?

No! You do not need to know anything. This is a 101 course designed for the absolute beginners, for people that have no clue about how to dance and like to get started. We will train each and everyone one of you to dance from level zero. We will give you little exercises to practice with different people and as the bootcamp progresses we will review and introduce new exercises. At the end you will leave with a nice pattern and also a video of it that you can refer to so you can continue practicing and improving your technique. We will teach you in a stress free, welcoming atmosphere. Everyone that join this bootcamp wants to learn how to dance with style and elegance. No need to feel intimidated!

Why should I join?

  • Are you an absolute Kizomba beginner?
  • Are your friends taking Kizomba lessons and you feel left behind?
  • Do you want to find out what Kizomba is all about?
  • Are you too busy during the week and cannot commit to weekly Kizomba classes?
  • Do you know the basic Kizomba steps and want to expand your technique/pattern development?
If you answer YES! to any of these, then this is the Bootcamp for YOU!

Kizomba Bootcamp! The most fun you will have! Start learning today. Professional, fun, entertaining instruction. Black Friday. Text your name and email to 832-413-2623

Program / Schedule / Kizomba Syllabus... 

Tentative... but please come to class without any expectations, we teach based on the dynamics of the group, we will love to share as much as possible given that most of you are here to help each other and help us to teach you. =)
  • Kizomba dance / music Background Knowledge
  • Kizomba vs Other Social dances 
  • Kizomba Timing 
  • Body Movement conditioning
  • Connection with partner
  • The Kizomba Embrace variations
  • Review Kizomba Basics Steps: Variation 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • Leading and following techniques
  • Intention and Anticipation 
  • Gestures for leading
  • Concept: Less is more 
  • Figures using Kizomba Basic Step variations
  • Combinations of 3 patterns
  • Connection with the music
  • Kiz - Kiz steps
  • Kiz - Kiz turns
  • Addition of Kiz - Kiz steps and turns in Basic Steps
  • Intro to Men's Saida 
  • Intro to Women's Saida 
  • Disassociation
  • Saida variation 1  
  • Saida variation 2  
  • Saida variation 3  
  • Saida variation 4  
  • Styling for ladies during Basic travel steps 
  • Styling for ladies during Saidas 
  • Pivotes
  • Pasadas
and more....
  • Tarraxinha hip movements variation 1 
  • Tarraxinha hip movements variation 2
  • Tarraxinha hip movements variation 3  
  • Tarraxinha hip movements variation 4

Kizomba is about connection and feeling. It is simple, but technical. Once you learn Kizomba you will fall in love with it. Txt Kizomba Bootcamp at 832-413-2623

Sample Kizomba Music Included - FREE

When you pre-register (txt your name and email to 832-413-2623) your email will be added to our Kizomba Music Folder in You will get access to sample songs that you can download to practice your Kizomba

Private Dance Lessons in Kizomba - $100 

Available upon request only 
If you are interested in taking privates before or after  the bootcamp, feel free to message us.
Cost $100/hr and includes up to 2 students. Contact Christian Franco at 832-413-2623

Keep in Touch With Us! 

Join our Kizomba Page on Facebook!!! - It's FREE - So Join! Now there is NO EXCUSE. You have access to our network of over 20K Kizombeiros and Kizombeiras, see dance videos from international instructors, get dance tips, view fun picture galleries, get inspirational dance quotes, follow our travels and get resources to reach us with any questions that you may have! Join the Group today!!! 

What Happens After the Bootcamp?

Get dancing and support the growth of Kizomba in your community! Attend their socials, parties, and events. Share your dance with friends that have not tried Kizomba yet. You can help this dance grow. 

If you enjoyed our event, please follow us to get into more upcoming bootcamps with us so we can continue furthering your skills into this beautiful dance! Tell your friends about your new discovered dance love! These bootcamps exists because of you and your support! Thank you for sharing these events with your friends and social networks.